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Spring Term 2013 10 Weeks Starting May 2013 1: In the Company of the Prophet - sallalahualayhiwasallam by Shaykh Omar Babar
2: The Glorious Legacy: Seerah of the Beloved Prophet sallalahualayhiwasallam– Part II by Ustadh Syed Sair Ali
  • Shamail At-Tirmizi

    Shamail At-Tirmizi

    More beautiful than you (O Muhammad saw) no eye has ever seen, Better than you no woman has ever given birth to; You have been created free from...

  • 101-lessons-from-surah-yusuf


    Instructor: Ustadh Talha Shahzad | Schedule: Every Tuesday 7 PM GMT | Duration: 1 hour fifteen minutes  | Classes Start: 8 Jan 2013 | Course...

  • Perfecting Our Salah

    Perfecting Our Salah

    Instructor: Ustadh Ussama Ahmad Khan Schedule: Every Saturday 7:00 pm UK Time/ 6:00 pm GMT/ 11:00pm Pakistan Time | Duration: 1 hour fifteen...


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