Developing Shukr

(Some lessons from a bayan on Shukr)

1. Learn to count your blessings;

2. Do dhikr of those blessings, keep on reminding yourselves, privately and publicly;

3. Analyze the lives of pious people how they lived their lives, full of sabr and shukr;

4. Analyze the lives of people living miserable lives around us, deprived of all the basic blessings we have.

Why are we deprived of shukr?
1. We feel we deserve them, not realizing we can lose them;
2. We always look at people better than us;
3. Mocking poor people, making fun of those deprived of those blessings.
Practical tips to shukr:
1. All family members must recite masnoon duas regularly
2. Must thank all those who have done any favour or ihsaan on us in any form
3. Stop complaining
4. Do shukr in every halat and in every situation
5. Very frequent use of “jazakallah khair”
6. Realize the ihsaanaat of our beloved Prophet (s) by applying his blessed sunnahs in our lives.

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