Islamic Learning Course (ILC)


Islamic Learning Course (ILC) is a 6-month long, weekend only, free online course for men. Designed to introduce you to the traditional Islamic disciplines of knowledge.

Course Modules


1. Quran

Translation and commentary of three chapters from Quran:

*  Surah Yousuf,

*  Surah Kahf,

*  Surah Hujurat.

Taught by Mufti Akhlaq (sb)


2. Hadith

Commentary and derivation of lessons for our daily life from the book Arba’een (by Imam Nawawî) covering 40 selected ahadith of the Prophet sallalahualayhiwasallam.

Taught by Ustadh Bilal Jamil


3. Seerah

Based on the earliest sources of seerah, the module aims to cover the Prophetic biography followed by a historical study of the major events during the Prophet  sallalahu-alayhi-wasallams life.

Taught by Shaykh Arsalan (sb)


4. Fiqh

Studying the basic teachings of Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh) regarding purification (tahara) and prayer (salah).

Taught by Mufti Abbas (sb)


Important Information:

  1. Starting: Saturday, 1st November 2014
  2. Open to Men Only
  3. Medium of Instructions: Urdu