Islamic Scholarly Tradition II


The course is designed to engage with the rich scholarly tradition of Islam that began with the Blessed Prophet (SWS) and the Companions (RA). Basic questions regarding the validity and need for scholarship and its journey through time will be explored along with other pertinent topics. Starting from Quran and Hadith, we will discuss the sources of Islamic Law and Tradition. Significant debates in the historical development of Fiqh and Ijtihaad will also be discussed to highlight their importance in the formulation of Islamic Law and Tradition. In this way, the course will build up to understanding the concept of following Ijtihad through authority of a school of legal methodology. Ultimately, it aims to remove the confusions surrounding Classical Islamic scholarship today and help students in reclaiming the legacy of the Prophet (SWS) in their journey of sacred knowledge. In the first part of the course, offered in the Fall Term Preview, we have engaged with the discussions on Quran and the tradition of Tafseer. In the Winter Term we will start with our discussion on Hadith.

Instructor: TBA