Perfecting Our Salah


Instructor: Ustadh Ussama Ahmad Khan

Schedule: Every Saturday 7:00 pm UK Time/ 6:00 pm GMT/ 11:00pm Pakistan Time |

Duration: 1 hour fifteen minutes |

Classes Start: This course is currently not being offered.


Allah (swt) says in the Noble Quran:

“Indeed successful are the Believers. Those who offer their Salah in a state of humble submission” (23:1-2)

A vast majority of us are deprived of the blessing of offering our Salah the way Allah (swt) has described in His Noble Quran. We need to become people of Khushu’ in order to tap into the reinvigorating spiritual power of Salah.

Thus the purpose of this course is to acquaint ourselves with the basic Arabic of the Salah and selected Masnoon Duas and the feelings that we should feel when uttering them from our tongue. The course will focus on some basic derivations, forms and significance of the Arabic words and phrases recited during the Salah and Masnoon Duas which will help us gain a deeper understanding of the importance of Salah and Masnoon Duas themselves. Concurrently, we will also try to tap into the spiritual power of these Azkaar and try to inculcate them into our daily lives.


Course Outline
Session 1 Introduction to course + Importance of Salah and Masnoon Duas
Session 2 MasnoonDuas for Wudhu+Feelings during Wudhu and before Salah+ Arabic of Takbir and Sana
Session 3 Arabic of Surah Fateha, its importance and feelings during recitation
Session 4 Arabic of selected short Surahs and passages from the Quran plus brief commentary
Session 5 Arabic of Azkaar during Ruku, Qoma, Sujood, Jalsa + Feelings to have during these
Session 6 Arabic of Tashhud, DuroodShareef and Duas plus Feelings
Session 7 Arabic of selected MasnoonDuas, feelings and importance
Session 8 Arabic, method and significance of Salat-ul-Hajjat, Salat-ul-Tasbeeh, Salat-ut-Tauba
Session 9 Arabic, method and significance of Salat-ul-Khusoof and Istisqa
Session 10 Perfecting our Salah and Conclusion

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