The Pure Professional: Maintaining a Spiritual Life in the Workplace


Instructor: Shaykh Omar Babar |

Schedule: Every Monday 7pm GMT |

Duration: 1 hour fifteen minutes |

Classes Start: 7 Jan 2013 |

Course Description: The Pure Professional: Maintaining a Spiritual Life in the Workplace

“They are people who neither trade nor commerce can distract them from the remembrance of Allah.” 

 Who are these people who Allah (swt) has praised so highly in the Quran? This course is designed for young professionals interested in maintaining and protecting their spiritual life in the workplace. Topics will include professional ethics, leadership, career management, and personal effectiveness. The aim is to inspire while imparting tips on how to maintain a balanced life

Instructor Profile

Shaykh Omar Babar is a doctoral candidate in Strategy and Ethics at Keele Management School. Prior to this he earned a Bachelors degree in Economics and Political Science from Emory University in Atlanta and went on to complete his MBA. For five years he has remained in the close company of Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmed (d.b.). He has completed a formal four-year course under qualified ulama in classical Islamic learning including tafsir, hadith, and fiqh. Shaykh Omar is now residing in the Birmingham area and spends his free time offering short courses and delivering regular talks to students and young professionals on how to become closer to Allah and tutoring young men on the spiritual path.