Pre-Ramadan Online Events | May 2016


Let’s get ready as we approach Ramadan: Get motivated by the spiritual talk this Saturday (May 14) and revise knowledge of Islamic rulings by joining the session on Fiqh of Ramadan, on Sunday (May 22).




Tazkiyah Academy presents

Pre-Ramadan Events

Saturday, May 14th

“The Road to Ramadan”

by Ustadh Omer Mukhtar

5:30 PM (London) | 6:30 PM (Johannesburg) | 9:30 PM (Karachi) | 12:30 PM (New York)

Recording available at

The companions of our beloved Prophet (sallalahualayhiwasallam) used to prepare six months in advance for Ramadan. We can revive this spirit by making regular supplications, yearning to attain Allah’s qurb (nearness) and planning for deeds in Ramadan; while also trying to wrap up our worldly occupations as we reach Ramadan. Attend this special talk on how to prepare for Ramadan and make this year a special one!

Sunday, May 22nd

“Understanding the Fiqh of Ramadan”

by Mufti Ishaaq Moosa

5:00 PM (London) | 6:00 PM (Johannesburg) | 9:00 PM (Karachi)| 12:00 PM (New York)

Online classroom link: WizIQ Class Link (for Men only)

Basic knowledge of Islamic Jurisprudence, that concerns every Muslim individual is important. This class is aimed at revising the foundational rulings regarding core ‘ibadah in Ramadan especially fasting, taraweeh, and Sunnah i’tekaf! It is open to Men only, and to enroll for the class, you’d need a WizIQ account (i.e. free).





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